How Do Muscles Workout While You Relax on the Rikian Exercise Bed

The Rikian exerciser is not to be used to treat or attempt to cure any kind of illness, disease, or health condition.  It is purely an exercise machine that provides a form of workout that requires minimal physical exertion from the user.

Back Muscle Exercises While You Relax

Rikian Physical Exercise Bed

 Determine the length of your back from the center of your neck  to your

 lower loin just below the waistline.  Insert the tops onto the pins in a

 position that is comfortable to suit the length of your back.

Physical Exercise With No Exertion or Pain

Lie on your back making sure  that the two #2 tops on the lower back area  are just above your hipbone in  contact with your loin muscles.  The upper  back, neck, and shoulder tops  should not be in direct contact with your  head but touching your neck  and  shoulder muscles.


Finally, make sure you are perfectly centered on the tops with your muscles on each side of the spine in contact with the tops.  You may move your head to the sides, lift your arms and bend your knees to increase the pressure against the tops.

Rikian Exercise Bed targets the muscle                                          Physical Exercise relieves stress on Rikian Exercise Table


Chest  & Stomach Muscle Exercises While You Relax

Take all the high tops off at the neck end and put the pad over the remaining tops.  Lie on your stomach, and make sure you are perfectly centered on the tops in your abdominal area.

Exercise the stomach muscles with Rikian Exerciser

Thigh and Leg Muscle Exercises While You Relax

Rikian Exercise table leg exercises Ten 10 minute Leg exercises feel like 20 twenty mile run

Lift the back support into the 80 degree position.  Be sure all the tops #4 and 5 have been removed from the pins.  You may choose to put the cushion over the tops.  Sit locating one or both legs on the tops and rest your back on the back support.

Lie on the side with the back support at a 45 degree with the gluteus and the side of the leg placed on the tops.

Rikian Exerciser Table Bedleg muscle exercises while you relax on the Rikian Bed

 It is recommended not to stay on mechanism for longer than 20 minutes for each position

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