(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions About The Rikian Exerciser

Are you related to the Reiki healing system?

     The name Rikian came from the founders and creators of the Rikian Exercise Table.  Dr. Ricardo Kaufman (Rik) and Ian Reinbott (Ian).  The Rikian Exerciser is an exercise machine…not an oriental healing method.

What is the warranty?

        The Rikian Exerciser comes with a twelve month full replacement warranty, bring it in and we will service and fix everything but the control panel.

How do I get it fixed when it breaks?

        For service, call the Rikian phone 615-838-2345.

Does it have any adverse effects on overweight individuals or people with bad circulation?

        Many people who use the exerciser report improvement in their circulation, but to be safe, check with your doctor.

Are there any body types that should not use the exerciser?

        The Rikian Exerciser is built to accommodate most body types. However, if you have concerns please check with your doctor.

Is it okay for pregnant women?

Some pregnant women have used the exerciser and report good benefits. But it is always best to check with your doctor first.”

Is the exerciser good for kids?

        Most children love getting on the exerciser and say it is fun.

What age is minimum?

    Very young children can be held in Mom or Dads arms while the adult is in a sitting position on The Rikian Exerciser.

       Young children do best for short periods of time 2 to 5 minutes depending on the reaction of the child.

Does the exerciser come in “one size fits all” or are there other sizes?

The exerciser is designed so that tops can be added or removed according to the length of the body above the waist to provide an optimal experience for almost every size, height or weight. The standard colors are brown, dark grey, and light grey.  You can special order either black or white for a small additional charge

What does the Rikian Exerciser Table do?

      It has a rhythmic rotation motion that muscles will respond to.  Look at the slow motion video on the first page of this website.

If I have a pacemaker should I use the exerciser?

      As with any exercise program, and especially with conditions of this nature it is always best to consult your physician.”

Can I move it once it is in place?

      Yes, it takes two people to move it because of the bed that covers the exerciser.  Once the bed is lifted off, the exerciser base is on wheels and will easily move around the room.

How much dose it cost to get a session on the Rikian at the Life-Wave Living Center?

Life-Wave Living Center is part of the Heptatset Society of the Native American Church of Nemenhah, and there is no fee for using the exerciser.  However, you are encouraged to make an offering donation to the Life-Wave Living Center. The suggested offering donation for a 10 minute session is $15.

How much electricity does the Rikian Exerciser use?

      The Rikian Exerciser works perfectly using a standard 110V outlet.

Will it help me lose weight?

    The Rikian Exerciser like regular exercise can stimulate metabolism. Some people have worked up a sweat during a long session.  It brings your body into balance and increases flexibility.  It isn’t designed as a weight loss system. It is a great way to get exercise without stressing your body.

Will it relieve back pain?

   We have people who suffered from back pain who reported remarkable recovery after only a few sessions.  Please see Terry’s testimony by clicking on this link.

Will it make my muscles grow?

Depending on your age and general state of health, with regular use of the exerciser it is possible that your muscles will become more toned and more defined.






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