The Inspiration of Dr. Ricardo Kauffmann, MD and Ian Reinbott


The Rikian ExerciserTM was many years in the making. It was born out of a partnership of two individuals who are recognized for their outstanding work in the fields of medicine and wellness – Dr. Ricardo Kauffmann, MD, Neuromuscular Specialist and Ian Reinbott, Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, and Herbalist.

Rikian ExerciserTM was inspired by proven exercise principles that were successfully demonstrated in athletic training machines specifically developed for Russia’s competitive sports elite. The technology was little known to most of the world and kept secret prior to its open use in Europe during the 1990s. This breakthrough methodology puts the muscles into a natural active state by applying rhythmic, mechanical vibrations to general muscle groups, simultaneously affecting blood circulation, nervous system response, connective tissues and regeneration processes of the body. But, a new and better way was on the horizon.

The Russian athletic program used this technology for decades with great success. However, the Russian equipment was developed specifically for elite athletes and had serious limitations for use by “average” individuals. Dr. Kauffman and Ian, the RikianTM developers,  set out to design a better way to apply this technology and bring the benefits to a broader group of people. As a result of their efforts The Rikian ExerciserTM was introduced in 2011.


Discover the  basic components of living and maintaining highly effective stress management; optimal flexibility and ultimate relaxation on a regular basis. The Rikian ExerciserTM patented design administers fine-tuned, rhythmic rotational muscular stimulation that extends muscle fibers, increases blood circulation, reduces the effects of scar tissue. It increases flexibility, and enhances elimination of toxins in the body. The Rikian ExerciserTM allows for the specific targeting of the paraspinal muscles, while offering the flexibility to target other muscle groups as needed. The only thing required of the user is to lie on the Rikian ExerciserTM in the correct position while focusing on relaxation and deep breathing.


It is generally accepted that flexibility is an important part of maintaining wellness and optimum health. Hundreds of people have benefited from the Rikian ExerciserTM for this very reason. Using the Rikian ExerciserTM regularly can potentially reduce the effects of progressive degenerative muscular cascade that causes rigidness and inflexibility. Users often experience measurable results of increased flexibility and range of motion in their very first session!


The Rikian ExerciserTM is manufactured under the highest quality control to assure your total satisfaction.  The base is industrial steel and topped with a custom-tailored, commercial-grade cushion. An easy-to-use LED timer allows you to control the amount of time spent on the Rikian ExerciserTM. The device automatically shuts off after the desired time has transpired.

All electrical, mechanical and esthetic components employ high-quality materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques to help insure a reliable and pleasant experience for many years to come.

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